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September 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Benefit Relief for Canadians in Need

by First Canadian Benefits

The FCB Health Network has launched its COVID-19 Health and Dental Relief Plan to all Canadians nationwide. This social contract will provide economic relief to all recovering from the pandemic by offering an affordable non-insured health and dental benefits plan

August 25, 2022 News NewsOral Health

Tooth Fairy Tradition Remains Strong Across the United States Finds the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll® Released by Delta Dental

by Delta Dental Plans Association

According to findings of the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll® released by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy visited 79% of homes across the country with children ages 6-12 who have lost teeth. Most kids are demonstrating patience for the Tooth

August 9, 2022 Feature EditorialImplantologyOral Health

Trusting Nature

by Luisa Schuldt, DDS MSc FRCD(C)

The opportunity to learn many lessons has been hurled upon us over the last two and a half years. We have seen storms come and go and temperatures rise to new limits. We have also witnessed almost every aspect of

August 9, 2022 Feature Chairside ChatsOral HealthPractice management

Chairside Chats: A Word With…Dr. Neil Vora

by Oral Health

Dr. Neil Vora Vivo Dental, Calgary, Alberta What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known at the start of your career? Dental treatment is for the patient, not for me. There have been, and still

August 9, 2022 Feature ImplantologyOral Health

Exploring Blockchain in Dentistry

by Peter C. Fritz, B.Sc., D.D.S., F.R.C.D. (C), Ph.D. (Perio), M.B.A., LLM

The information flowing along a blockchain is like a river that knows no country borders, is as unregulated as nature, and forever carries upstream pollution. Everyone paddling on the water can agree on the river’s depth at any point along

Intraoral photo showing frontal view of the patient in MIP with implant healing abutment.
August 9, 2022 Feature ImplantologyOral Health

Digital Workflow for Implant Provisionalization in the Aesthetic Zone

by Faisal Al Assadi, BDS, PGCert HPE

Dental implants have been the recommended treatment of choice as a conservative approach in replacing missing teeth while preserving adjacent tooth structure when compared to fixed dental prostheses.1 The ability of the implant supported crown to replicate natural tooth like

August 9, 2022 Feature ImplantologyOral Health

Removal of Osseointegrated Dental Implants

by Reza Termei, DDS, MSc, FRCD (C), Dip ABP

Implant therapy has become a predictable treatment option for tooth replacement with a 5-year survival rate of 97.1%.1 Despite this high survival rate, implant failure can still happen which would necessitate removal, or better said, explantation of the unsuccessful implant.

August 9, 2022 Feature ImplantologyOral Health

Keys for Successful Aesthetic Zone Single Implant: Case Reports

by Dr. Mehdi Noroozi, DDS, MSc, Dipl. Perio

To achieve a successful aesthetic result and good patient satisfaction, implant placement in the aesthetic zone demands a thorough understanding of anatomic, biologic, surgical and prosthetic principles. The ability to achieve harmonious, indistinguishable restoration from adjacent natural teeth in the

August 9, 2022 Feature ImplantologyOral Health

Transcrestal Sinus Lift Combined with Short Implants Inserted with Low Torque in Type IV and V Bone with 10 to 12 Years Follow-up.

by Eduardo Anitua, DDS, MD, PhD

The transcrestal or transalveolar sinus lift procedure was described by Summers in 19941 as an alternative to the “traditional” approach, using the lateral window to reduce the morbidity of the technique. As initially described, the procedure consisted of an approach

August 9, 2022 Feature Dental TechnologyOral Health

Toothpaste Will Never Be the Same!

by Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, CEO and Founder of Cellerant Consulting

Amicrofibrillated cellulose platform derived from Norwegian spruce trees is the basis for a revolutionary approach to toothpaste that has the capability to offer superior plaque and biofilm removal. The result is more efficient brushing and better oral health. Founder, Chairman,

August 9, 2022 News DentistryNewsOral Health

Full Extent of NHS Dentistry Shortage Revealed by Far-reaching BBC Research

by BBC

Nine in 10 NHS dental practices across the UK are not accepting new adult patients for treatment under the health service, a BBC investigation has found. In a third of the UK’s more than 200 council areas, we found no

August 8, 2022 News NewsOral Health

Toronto Clinic Client Says Dentist ‘Saved My Life’

by The Toronto Star

Sharon Edmonds credits Toronto Public Health dentist Dr. Rishi Saxena not only for her good oral health — but for saving her life. Edmonds, 69, went to TPH’s Dental and Oral Health Services Clinic at the Rexdale Community Hub 18

August 3, 2022 News NewsOral Health

dentalcorp and Envista Partner to Offer Dental Implants Across 500+ Practices Nationwide

by dentalcorp

dentalcorp Holdings Ltd. (“dentalcorp” or the “Company”), (TSX: DNTL), Canada’s largest and one of North America’s fastest growing networks of dental practices, announced a new partnership with Envista to expand implant services to Canadians. This partnership further strengthens dentalcorp’s relationship with Envista and its

August 2, 2022 News NewsOral Health

Calgary Endodontists Warn About Rise in Patients with Cracked Teeth

by The Canadian News

Calgary dental specialists say they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients coming in with cracked teeth. Endodontist Dr. Erin McKenzie specializes in diagnosing and treating cracked teeth. The Calgary dental specialist says over the past two

August 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Being Ready Anytime for a Practice Sale

by MNP

Your practice is running well — it won’t be long until the practice has generated sufficient cash flow to repay your initial investment. When your practice is producing positive cash flow and your practice debt is paid off, it’s time

July 25, 2022 News NewsOral Health

FDI Launches Policy Brief That Addresses Oral Health of People on Move

by Mirage News

The World Dental Federation (FDI) says the “oral health of displaced communities remains a neglected health issue”, arguing that these groups must have better access to the care they need. In a policy brief launched in conjunction with Lancet Migration,

July 14, 2022 News NewsOral Health

Links Between Psoriatic Arthritis and Dental Health

by Medical News Today

More than one-third of people with psoriasis also develop PsA. Approximately 8 million people in the United States have psoriasis, meaning approximately 2.4 million people will also develop PsA. PsA causes the immune system to attack the joints in various body parts. Joints commonly affected include: elbows wrists

July 11, 2022 Feature EditorialOral HealthProduct Report

Why Has the Public Lost Trust in Doctors? And How Can Dentists Rebuild It?

by George Freedman, DDS, DiplABAD, FAACD, FASDA

In March 2022, the Edelman Trust Barometer provided a significant warning that eroding trust has harmed, and is likely to continue to damage, individual and public health outcomes in the post-COVID-19 era.1 More than 50 percent of those surveyed worry

July 11, 2022 Feature Chairside ChatsOral HealthPractice management

Chairside Chats: A Word With…Dr. Bobby Birdi

by Oral Health

Dr. Bobby Birdi BC Perio, Vancouver and Coquitlam, BC What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known at the start of your career? I wish I had known the true power and knowledge associated with

Basic structure of SARS-CoV-2.
July 11, 2022 Feature Oral HealthPublic Health

COVID-19: Current Overview on SARS-CoV-2 and the Dental Implications

by Miriam Ting, DMD, MS; Jon B. Suzuki, DMD, PHD, MBA

Introduction Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), was first reported December 31, 2019, to the China Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). It started in Wuhan, China, and is