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FIGURE 5--Snowmobiles lined up for large-scale snowmobile tours and safaris in Finnish Lapland in Rovaniemi on the banks of the Kemi River. Such tours which are primarily for tourists are strictly regulated with mandatory helmet wear and alcohol monitoring.
June 1, 2006 Feature Oral Surgery

Snowmobile Accidents and Facial Fractures

by Oral Health

ABSTRACT With the popularity of snowmobiles, the incidence of facial fractures in those enjoying this recreational activity has increased due to a combination of factors including: alcohol use, night-time driving, immaturity of the driver, inappropriate use of helmets, and traveling

June 1, 2006 Feature Oral Surgery

Recreational Illicit Drug Use

by Tim D. Sands, DDS

The use and abuse of recreational drugs is not a topic routinely found, or at least not covered in depth, in the dental curriculum. It is a subject in which information is usually obtained and shaped from cultural and sociological

Iain Nish
June 1, 2006 Feature Oral Surgery

Case Selection: The Zen of Practice Life

by Iain Nish, DDS, BSc, MSc, FRCDC

It is fair to say that we all start with the best of intentions when we initiate treatment for our patients, and we strive to achieve optimal outcomes. As the marketing ads indicate, we want to be “the dentist to

FIGURE 5--Large warning sign posted throughout NWO where WMVCs frequently occur.
December 1, 2005 Feature Oral Surgery

Maxillofacial Injuries from Moose/Motor Vehicle Collisions

by Bruce R. Pynn, MSc, DDS, FRCDC; Tania P. Pynn, RN, BScN, MHS; George K.B. Sandor, MD, DDS, PhD, FRCD

ABSTRACT The incidence of moose/motor vehicle collisions have been on the rise in Northwestern Ontario over the past several years. Collisions with these large, high animals, either directly or indirectly, produce several unique management challenges for physicians, surgeons and dentists.