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August 11, 2016 News Dental OfficeGeneral PracticeNewsPractice Operations

Don’t Let Your Dental Office Become A Hazardous Environment For Employees

by David Quezada, Dentistry IQ

No one wants to get hurt on the job, or have to face a workers’ compensation claim. How can you keep your dental office safe for everyone? Chances are you became a dentist or dental professional to help others maintain

August 8, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsPractice Operations

Dental Therapist Programs Require Only Three-Year Program But Are Scrutinized By Many Dentists For Lack Of Training

by Diane Dietz, The Register Guard

Lane Community College is in the vanguard of a movement to create a new kind of dental worker for Oregon inner cities, rural areas, migrant communities and tribal lands, where dental treatment is often scarce. The college recently received a $100,000

August 3, 2016 Feature Dental CareImplantologyPractice Operations

Keys to Predictable Socket Grafting – Part 1

by Carl E. Misch, DDS, MDS, PhD (hc); Vivian A. Roknian, DMD

To satisfy the ideal goals of implant dentistry in a predictable manner, hard and soft tissues should present in ideal volumes and quality. The alveolar process is affected so often after tooth loss that socket grafting is usually indicated to achieve optimal results. Reasons

July 28, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthPractice OperationsPublic Health

University of Louisville Giving Comprehensive Dental Assistance to HIV Patients

by Julie Heflin, University of Louisville News

Underserved Kentuckians living with HIV/ AIDS can continue to rely on comprehensive oral health care offered through the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, thanks to $2 million in federal funding. The funding has been awarded to the Kentucky Cabinet

July 5, 2016 News DentalGeneral PracticeOral HealthPractice Operations

Canadian Dentists Set Record Highs in Use of Social Media and Practice Computerization

by DIAC (Dental Industry Association of Canada)

Canadian dentists continue to increase their use of social media to promote their dental practices, according to results from the DIAC (Dental Industry Association of Canada) Twentieth Annual Future of Dentistry Survey. Over 50% of respondents now actively employ social