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January 11, 2021 News BlogsPractice management

Dental Software: On-Premises vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid

by Sandro Persia, Logic Tech Corp

When looking to get a new dental management software, there are many factors at play that determine which software is best suited for your office. One major consideration for dentists is where the software is hosted – on-premises or in

January 6, 2021 News BlogsDental HygienePractice management

Signs You’re Working With A Good Dental Hygienist

by Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle

What do you think makes for a good dental hygienist? If you are one or are planning to become one, what qualities should you possess? If you’re a dentist looking to partner with a dental hygienist, how will you know

January 4, 2021 News BlogsPractice management

The More Things Change, The More They Should NOT Remain the Same!

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

Welcome to 2021! I hope that you and your loved ones have managed to remain healthy and safe throughout the Holiday Season! Every year at this time, we have likely just finished reflecting on the year that was and are

December 30, 2020 News BlogsPatient ManagementPractice management

Make Regular Appts and Dental Emergencies Work Together

by Amanda Duffy, Rockwest Dental

A well-organized appointment system is a cornerstone of successful scheduling, but even the best-laid plans can turn to chaos with an unexpected occurrence, such as a dental emergency. How to manage your regular appointments and dental emergencies efficiently is key

dental phobias
December 28, 2020 News Blogs

Treating Patients with Dental Phobias

by Jennifer Grzebien, RDH

So many suffer from dental phobias and the anxiety they suffer with can be a huge barrier to care. Some may go years without seeing a dental hygienist or a dentist. As a dental hygienist, I have seen how dental

December 23, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial mediaWebsites

Three Essential Elements of Dental Marketing

by Ekwa Marketing

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December 21, 2020 News BlogsCommunity outreachMarketing strategiesPractice Management

Grow Dental Practices with These Simple Email Marketing Tips

by Thomas Glare

Dental medicine is one of those spheres that does not fully use the power of digital email marketing. While most people get dozens of emails from online and local stores they’ve ever shopped with, few dental practitioners take care to

December 18, 2020 News Blogs

Protecting the Rest of Us

by Jeffrey M. Martin, D.D.S. (Ret.)

You don’t have to be Canada’s Top Doctor to observe some human behaviors and the Covid-19 numbers. In a local pharmacy which is part of Canada’s largest chain, there is one person working in the dispensary who very frequently wears

A Guide to Identifying Opportunities, Reframing Goal-Setting in a COVID-19 New Year
December 16, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice management

A Guide to Identifying Opportunities, Reframing Goal-Setting in a COVID-19 New Year

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

As we eagerly shed 2020 and await with cautious optimism the year ahead, not unlike other industries, thought leaders in our “space” are prognosticating on what dentistry will look and feel like in a post-COVID-19 era. It is the season

dental mobile apps
December 14, 2020 News BlogsComputer softwareSocial networkingTechnologyWebsites

How Can Dentists Improve Dental Care Using a Mobile Application?

by Juned Ghanchi, CMO at IndianAppDevelopers

Like most other healthcare niches, dental and oral care facilities and experts have started to adopt mobile apps. Many dental care facilities have started to utilize mobile apps to the advantage of dental care treatment and practices. There is no

Affordable Dental Care
December 11, 2020 News BlogsDental BenefitsDental CarePractice management

Helping Patients Get Affordable Dental Care: Good for Them and Good for You

by Dr. Charles Sutera, DMD, FAGD

Let’s face it, dentistry is expensive. And if you think you can’t afford dental care, it can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy: the longer you hold off going to the dentist, the more expensive and out of reach it can

How and Why the Dental Profession is Pandemic Proof
December 9, 2020 News BlogsDentistry

How and Why the Dental Profession is Pandemic Proof

by Timothy A, Brown, FRI, CEO and Broker of Record www.roicorp.com and Jackie Joachim, Chief Operating Officer, www.roicorp.com

2020 did not work out as any of us planned.  So many had great expectations which quickly came to a grinding halt.  The world changed and so has the way we do business.  Some changes will become permanent. As difficult

December 7, 2020 News BlogsPractice management

The Leadership Lesson of 2020

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

As we find ourselves in the final month of 2020, I am sure many of us would rather just turn the page to 2021 rather than look back on this crazy year. However, looking back can provide an incredible perspective.

December 2, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategies

Email Marketing for Dental Practices

by Ekwa Marketing

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Credit: Pexels. 5 Common Mistakes Dental Practices Should Avoid
November 30, 2020 News Blogs

5 Common Mistakes Dental Practices Should Avoid

by Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle

Running a dental practice isn’t all about how good you are at performing a wide array of dental procedures. While being renowned for your expertise will always be great, there are other things you need to consider to ensure your

November 23, 2020 News BlogsPractice managementPractice Operations

Tax Deferral Options on Sale of a Practice

by Bal Katlai, PhD, CPA, CGA; Waji Khan, B.Sc., DDS, MBA, M.Ed., FICOI, FPFA, FICD, FACD

An important consideration during the sale of a practice is the amount of taxes arising from realizing a capital gain – the underlying asset primarily being the patient list, i.e., goodwill. While the seller can avail of the lifetime capital

November 18, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice management

Mapping the Patient Acquisition Journey

by Ekwa Marketing

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dental website
November 16, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSearch engineWebsites

5 Website Features Every Dental Practice Needs

by Sammi Dittloff, NexHealth

Whether you’re building out your dental practice’s website for the first time or undergoing a redesign, there are certain things you should keep in mind before you hit “Publish.” From elements on your homepage to your blog content, this article

What Social Networks Should Your Dental Practice Use?
November 11, 2020 News BlogsMarketing strategiesSocial media

What Social Networks Should Your Dental Practice Use?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

There was a time when social media was an optional adjunct to dental marketing. That time has passed. Billions of people, including 90 percent of millennials use social media daily. Your patients and potential patients are there, your dental practice

November 9, 2020 News BlogsDentistryPractice management

Start From The Inside – Common Internal Communication Problems In Dental Practices That Influence Patients

by Derek Jones, VP Enterprise Strategy, Americas

An effective communication system is key to positive patient experiences and a more productive environment for healthcare practices. Prompt medical delivery services or quality treatment of patients are significant determinants in whether a healthcare practice succeeds or fails. Additionally, patients