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March 30, 2015 News BlogsDental industryGeneral NewsSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networking

Three Time-tested Ways to Boost your Social Network Activity

by Kahaliah Richards

You probably have an established online marketing strategy for your dental practice already, including social networking via Facebook, Twitter or other social media. At least a few of your social media members may be commenting, sharing, retweeting or liking some

March 17, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral NewsOverall HealthSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networking

Delivering an optimized mobile experience

by Kahaliah Richards
March 3, 2015 News Dental CareDental industrySocial media

What is social media saying about “dental cleaning”?

by Kahaliah Richards

Social media is a good way of feeling the pulse of the community. Facebook can tell me, for example, how many women over 40 in Canada read Prevention Magazine or Women’s Health Magazine, and who also mention “dentist” or “hygienist”

March 3, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsSocial media

Build Your Online Social Capital with Key Influencers

by Kahaliah Richards

Social capital refers to the value you derive because of your social contacts. In the online world, you need to make conscious efforts to build your online social capital in order to reap dividends from this intangible investment. You may

February 18, 2015 News Medical newsPractice managementSocial media

Local SEO Best Practices for Dental Practices

by Kahaliah Richards
February 4, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsOffice ManagementPatient ManagementSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networking

Bloggers can be the Brand Ambassadors for your Dental Practice

by Kahaliah Richards

The best endorsement for your dental practice can come not from paid advertising or other forms of promotion, but from your own patients. New patients will typically have a greater trust in the reviews, comments and ratings that other people

January 14, 2015 News General DentistryGeneral NewsManagementOffice ManagementPublic Relations - Patient CareSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnology

Jameson Report 2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know

by Kahaliah Richards

2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know By Andrea Walker-Chief Creative Officer & Susanne Kimball, Chief CS Marketing Officer Every year marketing evolves and the rules of the web change. That leaves dental professionals like you wondering where to

May 2, 2014 News Cosmetic DentistryGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsInvisalignMedical newsOverall HealthSocial mediaSocial networking

“Smartphone Brides” On The Rise: New Survey Finds That 40 Percent Of Brides Posted Or Will Post A “Selfie” As Their First Wedding Photo

by Kahaliah Richards

The Invisalign® Brand sponsored “Smile Ever After” Survey Also Reveals That 92 Percent Of Brides Rank Their Smile As Their Most Important Wedding-Day Accessor The word “selfie” is hugely popular among teenagers – and it’s now resonating with many new

April 30, 2013 News General DentistryKeeping you guessingNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial Networking

Getting in front of your community

by Kahaliah Richards

Many dentists I speak with are eager to reach out to their community about new services and about their own specialness. This can be complicated and expensive because your community now learns differently. One illustration of how your community learns

February 5, 2013 News General NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTrends in Dentistry

Social media’s future in dentistry

by Kahaliah Richards

“Increasingly, I think the progressive physicians are more focused on the customer experience and how they can differentiate themselves from other physicians, not just from a clinical perspective but from the overall engagement perspective.” That statement sums up an in-depth

June 22, 2012 News BlogsConnectivityElectronic Health RecordsMarketing strategiesNew dentistsNew gradsNew productsPractice managementSearch engineSocial mediaSocial networking

World Wide Web

by lorne

Is Your Website Really Working? The world of websites and online marketing can be confusing. Dentists and their staff often feel like their website could be doing more for them, but aren’t quite sure how to determine this or what

April 18, 2012 News ClinicalContinuing EducationEndodonticsSocial mediaSocial NetworkingTechnologyTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

CLOG – Digital literacy enables you to learn by and from example!!

by ken

This is an endo related post. For those who are upset about my antipathy towards single file endodontics, rest assured, it will not be referenced, nor should you take away any sense that endodontic microsurgery and single file endodontics are

April 16, 2012 News Community outreachConnectivitySocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsYouTube

Take five with – fill in the blank

by ken

http://www.take5withmarty.com/ Wonderful effort by Dr. Marty Jablow…..imagine if OH or the CDA created such a channel and used it to chat up dentistry across the country….spectacular addendum to the elearning section of Oral Health…..fabulous way to introduce the bright and

April 15, 2012 News Dental AssociationsGeneral NewsGovernanceGovernment regulationsPollingPrivacy issuesSocial mediaSocial networkingTransparency

One is a lonely number

by ken

Since this blog began, its focus has been to determine what those who visit it some 8.5K times a month want to read. Clinical content is by far the #1 area of interest. Unfortunately, a simplistic mechanism to ensure an

April 8, 2012 News BlogsConnectivityElearningPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTrends in Dental EducationWebinars

Force the issue! DEMAND knowledge networks!! You are the POWER!!!

by ken

Please read this article on the concept of  ONLINE IVY UNIVERSITIES. The next time a company invites you to a product-centric webinar, answer them thusly:  “Critical thinking and comprehensive care are the sine qua non of logical, science based treatment

March 31, 2012 News APPsCommunity outreachComputer softwareConnectivityElearningPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingWebsitesYouTube

5 non-dental APPS that will put your practice into the stratosphere for better forever!

by ken

GorillaPod, 360Panorama, Card Munch, Photofunia and Zite – 4 are free, one will cost you .99 cents http://photofunia.com/ – this one should be self explanatory once you visit the site. It is a photo editing APP that enables you to

March 30, 2012 News ClinicalElearningImplantologyPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingYouTube

Zest Anchors locator pivoting technology available on the MIS SEVEN and Mistral Implants

by ken

Uploaded by MISimplantsCanada on Mar 30, 2012 LOCATOR Attachments are designed with customizable levels of retention and a low vertical profile. Most important, however, is its innovative ability to pivot, which increases the attachment’s resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an

March 25, 2012 News APPsBlogsCommunity outreachComputer softwareConnectivityDental conventionsElearningPatient educationSearch engineSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnologyTradeshowsTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour – think your next website

by ken

http://thecapitoltour.pn/   Hungering to get a closer look at Panem’s Capitol city or for more behind-the-scenes details from the eagerly anticipated “The Hunger Games” movie? Microsoft has teamed up with Lionsgate studio to create a website (www.thecapitoltour.pn) where visitors can take

March 23, 2012 News APPsPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnology

Dutch dentists develop dental first-aid APP – for when you’re on the golf course

by ken

From Dental Tribune: UTRECHT, Netherlands: Dutch dentists have launched a dental app for Apple mobile devices that patients can consult for advice when their dentist is not available. The functionality of the app is based on questions about and possible

March 23, 2012 News APPsBlogsComputer softwareConnectivityElearningPatient educationSearch engineSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnologyTradeshowsTrends in Dental EducationWebinars

Adobe Labs Downloads

by ken

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta – If you want to experiment with Photoshop for free – this is it!! The world’s best digital image editing software is about to get even better. Explore Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 beta for a sneak preview