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January 13, 2020 News BlogsSocial NetworkingYouTube

YouTube: The Dental Marketing Goldmine You Might be Missing

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

A website alone is no longer enough to effectively market your dental practice online. If you want to reach the greatest audience and keep up with the latest digital trends, you need to be on social media. You’ve probably heard

April 8, 2019 News BlogsSocial mediaYouTube

Create a Successful Dental YouTube Marketing Campaign

by Ekwa Marketing
December 1, 2015 News ConnectivityGeneral NewsMarketing strategiesSocial mediaSocial networkingWebsitesYouTube

YouTube can help improve your Dental Website Traffic

by Kahaliah Richards

  YouTube has emerged as a clear winner by far among various social networks, particularly when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website and helping consumers make buying decisions. If you have any new dental product, technology or

July 16, 2015 News BlogsDental industryElearningGeneral NewsMarketing strategiesPatient educationSocial mediaSocial networkingTechnologyWebsitesYouTube

How to Achieve High Rankings in Facebook Search?

by Kahaliah Richards

With over a billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the social media behemoth that is hard to ignore. Small businesses and professionals can leverage the power of Facebook to their marketing advantage. Many people use Facebook Graphic Search

June 9, 2015 News BlogsGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMarketing strategiesOffice designOffice ManagementPractice managementPublic Relations - Patient CareSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingWebsitesYouTube

Why Use Social Media for Your Dental Practice

by Kahaliah Richards

The impact of today’s technology on your business… Social Networking is the dialogue used by one or all of the above to converse, communicate and contribute online. Social networking can re-connect someone with their past, update today’s world on your

August 27, 2013 News General DentistryGeneral NewsImplantologyMedical newsResearchStem cell researchYouTube

American Scientists Attempt to Sequence John Lennon’s Genetic Code from the Beatle’s Tooth

by Kahaliah Richards

The Canadian dentist who purchased John Lennon’s tooth has recently agreed to work with US researchers to explore the musician’s DNA. If the venture is successful, the tooth collector is interested in preserving the valuable information with the belief that

April 26, 2012 News ClinicalDental industryKeeping you guessingYouTube

Aspiring oral surgeon promotes “Super Star Smiles” for children

by Kahaliah Richards

By Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations University of California, Berkeley, student Hường Trần has such dazzling smile, it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t always been flashing that 1,000-volt grin… But Trần, a 21-year-old integrative biology major and aspiring oral surgeon, underwent

April 18, 2012 News ClinicalContinuing EducationEndodonticsSocial mediaSocial NetworkingTechnologyTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

CLOG – Digital literacy enables you to learn by and from example!!

by ken

This is an endo related post. For those who are upset about my antipathy towards single file endodontics, rest assured, it will not be referenced, nor should you take away any sense that endodontic microsurgery and single file endodontics are

April 16, 2012 News Community outreachConnectivitySocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsYouTube

Take five with – fill in the blank

by ken

http://www.take5withmarty.com/ Wonderful effort by Dr. Marty Jablow…..imagine if OH or the CDA created such a channel and used it to chat up dentistry across the country….spectacular addendum to the elearning section of Oral Health…..fabulous way to introduce the bright and

April 4, 2012 News ClinicalEndodonticsEvidence based dentistryInnovations in dentistryNew productsNew TechnologiesTechnologyYouTube

How many drills does it take to create an osteotomy, burs to prep a veneer, an inlay-onlay, a crown?

by ken

How many files does it take to sculpt a root canal space if: (Illogical logic of dangerous dichotomies – PART DEUX) A root canal space is an arborizational, anastomotic, labyrinthine complexity, morphologically comparable to the pathways of a maze. http://endodontiafobusp.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/apical-delta/apical-delta1/

March 31, 2012 News APPsCommunity outreachComputer softwareConnectivityElearningPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingWebsitesYouTube

5 non-dental APPS that will put your practice into the stratosphere for better forever!

by ken

GorillaPod, 360Panorama, Card Munch, Photofunia and Zite – 4 are free, one will cost you .99 cents http://photofunia.com/ – this one should be self explanatory once you visit the site. It is a photo editing APP that enables you to

March 31, 2012 News APPsBlogsClinicalCone beam computed tomographyContinuing EducationEndodonticsSocial NetworkingYouTube

Resorption CBCT Mapping

by ken

This was gifted to us by Terry Pannkuk of Santa Barbara, CA. He is one of the most unique endodontic educators in the world and he brings to his efforts, the other gods of the endodontic pantheon. It’s unfortunate that

March 30, 2012 News ClinicalElearningImplantologyPatient educationSocial mediaSocial NetworkingYouTube

Zest Anchors locator pivoting technology available on the MIS SEVEN and Mistral Implants

by ken

Uploaded by MISimplantsCanada on Mar 30, 2012 LOCATOR Attachments are designed with customizable levels of retention and a low vertical profile. Most important, however, is its innovative ability to pivot, which increases the attachment’s resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an

March 30, 2012 News ClinicalCosmetic DentistryElearningMinimally invasive dentistrySocial NetworkingYouTube

Porcelain Veneer Series

by ken

Terrific YOUTUBE series on porcelain veneers and an article from an outstanding practitioner in Turkey. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QALc88UEPEE[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riRLWpHAkxs[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiNSuCh4Mys[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcwaTheYDOY[/youtube] http://www.slideshare.net/kendo160/the-scienceandartofporcelainveneersbysmile4d – Please share this with colleagues and direct them to MOUTHING OFF……the Internet has provided a literal treasure trove of material

March 29, 2012 News ClinicalPeriodontologySocial NetworkingYouTube

That sound you hear is the ice breaking!

by ken

Periopatch – Improve Gingival Healing – twas only a matter of time for most major dentinal companies to see the value of mobile marketing – the new iPAD with retinal display turns the YOU TUBE (below) on PerioPatch from MISimplants

March 25, 2012 News APPsBlogsCommunity outreachComputer softwareConnectivityDental conventionsElearningPatient educationSearch engineSocial mediaSocial NetworkingSocial networkingTechnologyTradeshowsTrends in Dental EducationWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour – think your next website

by ken

http://thecapitoltour.pn/   Hungering to get a closer look at Panem’s Capitol city or for more behind-the-scenes details from the eagerly anticipated “The Hunger Games” movie? Microsoft has teamed up with Lionsgate studio to create a website (www.thecapitoltour.pn) where visitors can take

March 18, 2012 News Social mediaSocial NetworkingTrends in Dental EducationYouTube

With Video, (fill in the blanks) Looks to Expand Campaign’s Reach Through Social Media

by ken

The actual article says Obama Looks – click on the link and give it a read. I include this tonight for a very simple reason. I just returned from the 15th Dentsply Friadent World Symposium in Hamburg, Germany. Downloaded all the

March 8, 2012 News APPsBlogsBurn outDental TeamGovernanceGovernment regulationsHuman ResourcesTransparencyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

The power of social media

by ken

I sincerely hope that the reason for sharing this YOU TUBE video with dentists is understood. We are so incredibly fortunate to do what we do.  We are autonomous, even the insanity of the “ya can’t treat your spouse” law

March 8, 2012 News EndodonticsYouTube

When the Grecian Oracle Chaniotis Antonis speaks, people listen…..

by ken

Interesting case of pulp floor chamber communication with the furcation area. It seemed to me more like a lateral canal than a pulp chamber floor or furcal perforation.  A little bit unorthodox treatment plan from the operator. Disinfection was achieved

February 18, 2012 News ImplantologyYouTube

A dental implant surgery video with a sinus lift and placing 4 implants

by ken

It’s unthinkable that in a country with the range of talent we possess in the dental and laboratory profession, that as editor, I have to scout YOUTUBE for interesting videos. The request of Canadian dentists is no more than 6