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The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation

February 11 - February 12, 2016
Spear Campus, 7201 E Princess Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States

Through the use of treatment-planning decision trees, gain confidence and understanding at knowing which treatment options are available for a number of common, but complex dental problems, and how to present the advantages and disadvantages of each option clearly to your patients, enhancing your relationship with them and their commitment to choosing what the best care is for them.

Participants will learn:

How to work with decision trees: A road map which walks a clinician through all the treatment options for a specific problem.

More than 20 decision trees: Covering everything from excessive or inadequate tooth display, to a single missing central incisor and what needs to be evaluated to select the best method of replacement, to a patient with multiple severely worn teeth

How each decision tree is designed around a key set of clinical parameters, and by learning those parameters, each time you have a case with those problems the same decision tree can help you work through the treatment-planning process

If the case you are treatment planning is appropriate for the specific decision tree or not by comparing your patient’s photos to those of the decision tree, along with the specific parameters involved in the decision tree.

How to show and discuss the different treatment options with your patients so they are engaged in the process, not scared away, yet understand the risks and benefits of treatment.

Frank Spear, Dr. Spear Education
Greggory Kinzer, Dr. Spear Education

Fees: $1,695 U.S.
– Additional Info Earn 15 CE credits; Spear is ADA and ADG certified.
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