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Demystifying Occlusion

May 19 - May 20, 2016
Spear Campus, 7201 E Princess Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States

Gain confidence and remove the confusion and fear surrounding occlusion in your practice, allowing you to treat patients more predictably and with less anxiety from a single second molar crown, to full arch restorations, or even patients with symptoms of facial pain.

Participants will learn

Why occlusion can seem so complicated, but how predictable it is in most patients, and how to recognize the high-risk patient in advance

To gain confidence in understanding the TMJs, and how easy it is to evaluate them as a potential problem for your patients, including possible solutions if they are a problem, and how to have a conversation with your patients about the TMJs

To efficiently evaluate your patients’ muscles, and predict whether any therapy is necessary, which treatment, and how to discuss it with your patient

What a complete joint and muscle exam looks like, and how efficiently it can be done in any practice (with multiple examples shown on video)

How to become confident in choosing among all the different occlusal appliances available, including a specific flow chart of the appliance choices based upon your patients’ symptoms and history, with an emphasis on how to discuss appliance therapy and fees with your patients

… And more!

Frank Spear, Dr. Spear Education
Greggory Kinzer, Dr. Spear Education

Fees: $1,695 U.S.
Additional Info Earn 15 CE credits; Spear is ADA and ADG certified.

For more information, please contact:

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Phone: 480-588-9074
Toll Free: 866-781-0072
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