Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

17th International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry

May 21 - May 23, 2020

3 Days, 2 Main Podiums
Live Speakers, Moderators, Q&A Sessions
Live TV Studio
3D Live Exhibition


Dear colleagues,

This year represents a turning point in our profession. We are forced to adapt to one of the worst professional realities. All dental offices are closed, and when they reopen we do not know how our working procedures or the behaviour of our patients will change. Certainly, in the months to come, we will be more careful with everything we used to take for granted.

The same thing has happened in the academic field. Universities are closed, exams postponed. We have had to move from an environment with a focus on in-person contact to an online one, with the consequent advantages and disadvantages. But this is the reality of the moment, and we have to adapt. Right now, moving online for education is important, and we are being flooded with a multitude of free online courses; however, many of these represent product promotions or act as an advertisement for paid courses.

SSER has always been a pioneer and sought to reinvent itself at each edition of its congress, to bring something extra that would make a difference in a market as vibrant as this event. This year is no different. The virtual congress organised by SSER this year will have exactly the same speakers and provide the same valuable information on the same dates as those of the originally scheduled event. We are bringing the event to you using an avant-garde communication platform, with two lecture rooms in parallel for live lectures with moderators, live Q & A sessions, a live TV studio and even a 3D exhibition with company representatives online with you live.

Staging this edition has been a challenge for us, but I am convinced of the event’s success. I invite you to register for the event and join us!


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