Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

AACD Continuum Anterior Esthetics Workshop

February 02 - February 03, 2017
Sarasota, FL

Patients present to the 21st century dental practice with specific ideas and high expectations of how esthetic dental treatment can help them in their lives. These expectations must be met with expertise that takes esthetic dental diagnosis and treatment to its highest level.

This lecture will present a vast array of functional esthetic techniques that help a dental practitioner implement proven systems for predictable success when designing and completing the indirect restorative esthetic case. The systems covered in detail will assist the dental practitioner, whether they are restoring one tooth to match an otherwise healthy dentition, performing a smile renovation, or needing to perform a comprehensive oral rehabilitation.

Attendees will learn how to diagnose, design, treatment plan, prepare and deliver indirect restorations of the highest order.

Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises, attendees will leave with the confidence, knowledge and skill to implement systems immediately upon return to their offices.

Utilization of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation exam criteria will help attendees knowledgeably critique and improve the dentistry they are providing at their office, and help them pursue AACD Accreditation in the future, if so desired.


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