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Achieving Excelence with Anterior Composites-From “Why” to “How To”

December 03, 2016
Centre Mont-Royal | 2200 Mansfield St | Montreal, QC

Over the past twenty years, composite resins have spun from
interim, monochromatic restorative materials to being a primary
option when longer-lasting conservative, esthetic results are desired.
Enhanced physical and optical properties, along with advancements
in adhesive technology, now allow clinicians to confidently indicate
composites and perform direct restorations that encompass from
the simplest to the most complex scenarios. Furthermore, state-ofthe
art composite systems provide the ability to mimic the natural
dentition in a manner that defies detection. In this presentation, Dr.
Fahl will share scientifically based, clinically oriented information
on how to achieve the utmost artistic and biologically sound results
with composites in the anterior segment. Learning objectives include
treatment planning, material and shade selection, and step-by-step
slide and video presentations of Class IV restorations, direct veneers,
and diastema closure, in addition to other unorthodox clinical
challenges. After this lecture, the audience will leave with higher level
of motivation and knowledge to use composite resins in the anterior


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