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Achieving Miraculous Solutions with Modern Matrices* HANDS ON

December 02, 2017
Palais des Congress de Montreal 159 Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest Montreal, QC Level 5 Room 515

Direct Composites: Minimally Traumatic
Preparations and Restorative Protocols Workshop
Participants will learn how to perform minimally traumatic preparations and direct Class II composite restorations utilizing modern matrices and flowable and paste composites. Participants may re-think the role of resins in their practice after seeing the possibilities in this renaissance of direct composites.
HANDS-ON COMPONENT: Modern composite preparations and matrixing for deep caries, peg laterals, black triangle closures and diastema closure. Simplified.

BONUS EXERCISE: Composite and porcelain occlusal onlays to splint a
cracked tooth. (Time permitting)


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