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Achieving Miraculous Solutios with Modern Matricies

November 19, 2016
International Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre | 655 Dixon Rd Toronto, ON

Direct Composites: Minimally Traumatic Preparations and Restorative Protocols Workshop
Participants will learn how to perform minimally traumatic preparations and direct Class II composite restorations utilizing modern matrices and flowable and paste composites. Participants may re-think the role of resins in their practice after seeing the possibilities in this renaissance of direct composites.
HANDS-ON COMPONENT: Modern composite preparations and matrixing for deep caries, peg laterals, black triangle closures and a posterior Class II.
Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention of Cracked Teeth
Teeth are fracturing today in record numbers. Cracked and fractured teeth are now the third leading cause of tooth loss in industrialized nations. Dentistry’s last great mystery, fracturing, is a poorly understood process. Advanced Diagnosis and Proactive Restorative Protocols Seeing previously invisible clues can lead restorative dentists to more appropriate early treatment of compromised teeth before devastating fractures, pulpal involvement and periodontal breakdown occur. Interactive Case presentations will answer the age-old questions:
• What does this crack mean?
• Can I splint a cracked tooth with composite?
• When should I do endodontics, when do I extract?
• What is the optimal design?
• What is the optimal composite and porcelain material?


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