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Achieving Predictability & Excellence in Everday Dentistry -LECTURE

November 17, 2017
SOFITEL MONTREAL GOLDEN MILE 1155 Sherbrooke St. W Montreal, QC

Every day we see a variety of dental patients, some requiring simple repairs with others involving complex occlusal and cosmetic issues. Solving these problems is best performed with a predictable protocol of a proper diagnosis. Often treatment solutions may involve use of direct resin bonding techniques for quick repairs, developing the aesthetics and occlusal schemes and definitive treatments. The integration of digital technologies along with digital photography can help improve the outcome. It’s the reliability of the everyday techniques and products that reduce stress and make dentistry fun.
• Proper diagnosis of a patient’s current dental condition based on Kois principles
• The use of photography for case acceptance, lab communication and legal documentation
• Repair of a Class IV fracture with composite resin and the integral use of a matrix
• Full direct resin veneer techniques and where they are appropriate to use
• Contouring and Polishing composite resins and temporary crowns to achieve realistic results
• Efficient techniques for a single crown preparation
• Predictable methods for smile enhancements with resin or porcelain, including case examples
• Transfer of patient information to the lab technician for predictable aesthetic results
• Avoiding both communication and clinical failures with patients


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