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Advanced Anterior Composites-Developing Your Artistic Abilities to Create Life-Changing Smiles

November 25, 2016
Sandman Signature Hotel Vancouver Airport 10251 St. Edwards Dr | Richmond, BC

Hands On Course
Learn step-by-step how to create beautiful natural looking restorations. When “drill and fill” is no longer a challenge for you, this course will provide you with the necessary training and skills to achieve gratifying results. A lecture followed by hands-on training with today’s new
esthetic materials and instruments will allow you to start on interesting new cases as soon as Monday morning. Offer a wide range of esthetic treatments to your patients by mastering the new technique for dental black triangles offering your patients a younger and healthier looking
smile. This technique will allow you to easily treat Class III restorations and eliminate the dreaded black triangle.

• Various composite materials (microhybrids vs microfills)
• Colour development principles
• Opaquers and tints
• Instrumentation
• Anterior techniques: Class III,IV,V, composite veneers
(colour change)
• Hands-on: veneers and characterization
• Porcelain repair
• Advanced techniques: black triangle, diastema
closure, instant orthodontics


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