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AMA’s with Dr. Adriano Araujo

May 08, 2020

One of the hottest topics in dentistry right now is aligner thearapy, so the SureSmile team is opening up townhall style to tackle the most asked questions about getting started, case selection, patient records, reviewing a setup, staging, ordering options, IPR, attachments, and more. Join our experts live online for on-demand access to clinical applications, pro tips, tricks, and savvy techniques that can help streamline your digital workflow for better, safer, faster patient outcomes. Bring a case to review or just join in the discussion as we open the floor to all-things-aligner.

This week, SureSmile Faculty Dr. Adriano Araujo gets into the biomechanics of plastic.

  1. Understand the biomechanics of plastics
  2. Walk through the logic of treatment staging
  3. Identify patients that are good aligner candidates
  4. Optimize digital aligner treatment 5. Organize digital workflow


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