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Approaching Class II Corrections with Invisalign®

February 08, 2019
Toronto, ON (Venue TBD)

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide all the necessary tools needed to master a wide variety of Class II malocclusions with the Invisalign® clear aligner system, how to establish Class I molar and canine occlusion, and how to reduce anterior overjet and bimaxillary protrusion to alleviate lip strain. The main objective of this course is to provide you with practical tips for the treatment approach, management, and monitoring of Class II patients, be they youth or adult patients, with or without auxiliary or extraction strategies.

Audience: Dentists and Specialists*

Key Learning Objectives:

– Incorporate Invisalign® Class II treatments into your practice
– Find the best approach from time of diagnosis to planning the comprehensive treatment
– Apply the principles of biomechanics to Invisalign® Class II patient treatments
– Using aligners for upper bilateral posterior distalization
– Class II elastics to reinforce maxillary anchorage during distalization
– Bond buttons on U3 and L6 teeth to serve as attachments/hooks for Class II elastics
– Vertical rectangular attachments on U6 and U4 teeth to assist in distalization
– Extract U8 teeth to facilitate the distalization process
– Achieving treatment goals while addressing patient’s chief concerns
– Implementation of proper retention program and protocol

* Please note that Invisalign® Fundamentals is a prerequisite to this course. You must have previously completed Invisalign® Fundamentals to attend this session.


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