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Aruba Dental Conference

January 30 - February 01, 2020
HYATT REGENCY Aruba Resort Spa & Casino ARUBA

Aruba Dental Conference

Dr. Harald Heymann-8:00-10:00am
Adhesive and Esthetic Materials: Gems, Pearls and Potpourri
The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:

• How to distinguish amongst the many types of adhesive systems and describe what works and what doesn’t?
• How to chronicle the most effective ways to bond to various ceramics like zirconia and eMax and identify the best cements
• How best to use new contemporary materials and devices such as bioactive cements, silver diamine fluoride, and new light curing concepts
• How to identify the amazing potential represented by new concepts such as nasal spray anesthesia and CO2 lasers.

Dr. Marcos Vargas
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Five Axioms To Exceptional Anterior Resin Composite Restorations
Course Outline:
Direct resin composites are a very important part of any dental practice nowadays. These restorations provide patients with minimally invasive restorations that preserve tooth structure while providing esthetics, longevity and function; they are personally rewarding and cost effective. However, dental practitioners face difficulties while bonding and placing these restorations. The 5 axioms: shade selection, layering style, cavity preparation, layering and contouring & polishing will provide the practitioner with a step-by-step approach to produce predictable and highly esthetic anterior resin composite restorations in everyday practice.

Dr. Daniele Larose
Finishing Your Clear Aligner Cases To Perfection
The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:
• Enhance your knowledge in recognizing symptoms of malocclusion in order to create realistic expectations for your patients
• Insights about treatment planning and case presentation
• An overview of how your clear aligner cases need to be set up in order to restore years of traumatic occlusion with little or no prep
• Gain knowledge about the frequent types of restorations required after adult orthodontic/traumatic occlusion cases
• Step-by-step techniques for post orthodontic restorations: the amazing 3-layer class IV, the BioClear technique, and the everyday canine function.

10:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:

• Learn the science behind the three most commonly used materials in dentistry today: zirconia, glass ceramics, and hybrid ceramics
• Understand the appropriate prep designs to ensure clinical success of the aforementioned materials
• Gain confidence in impressing and prescribing these materials
• Learn the appropriate way to handle when received from the laboratory, what your cementation options are, and how to properly polish for predictable outcomes

The Single Tooth Dilemma: Tips and Tricks To Solving the Single Tooth Mystery
Course Outline:
With minimal invasive dentistry and responsible esthetics alive and well in dentistry today, more and more patients are seeking the least invasive treatment while still demanding the highest level of cosmetic care. This could leave even the most skilled clinician in a tough situation, especially when trying to match a single tooth to the remaining dentition in a seamless fashion. This lecture will focus on responsible esthetics, clinical tips to help any clinician with single tooth dentistry, as well as two case presentations focusing on a single veneer and a single anterior implant crown.
The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:
• Review objectives that define dental esthetics
• Must haves in your armamentarium for esthetic success
• Tips and tricks for anterior esthetic success
• Case presentations for a single veneer and a single anterior implant

Dr. Foroud HAKIM
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Everything But The Crown
Course Outline:
An important but at times, disproportionate amount of time is spent in dental CE addressing modern ceramics, material selection & prescription, and final restoration cementation vs bonding. This 2 hour presentation aims to fill the gap for many of the very critical sub-procedures that are often neglected or glossed over in programs. The Doctor still has to get from point A to B daily when it comes to contemporary Crown and Bridge procedures.
The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:
• Learn how to handle complex buildups, modern philosophies on post and core and substrate masking
• Tissue management for success – capturing an accurate impression “the first time, every time”
• Advanced provisional fabrication techniques – from routine crowns to contemporary prep designs which focus on tooth conservation which often equals provisional loss, through veneer provisionals and intermediate term prototypes. Let’s all learn together through an interactive program with audience members sharing their most challenging clinical dilemmas!

Tuition Includes:
6 Speakers/3 Mornings of Lectures
12 CE Credits
Welcome Reception
Breakfast Each Morning (registered attendees)
Course Hand-outs
Exclusive Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino Discounted Room Rates


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