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Bone Grafting Techniques for Restorative Success with Implant Therapy

April 28, 2021


The era of placing implants with disregard to esthetic outcomes is over. Patients are demanding function and esthetics. Treating sites with soft and hard tissue loss may be challenging, but is often necessary to ensure a successful outcome and meet patient expectations.

This course is designed for the clinician (and staff) who want to learn the basics of ridge preservation and how it can enhance the long-term success of implant restorations and increase the quality of patient care. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a working knowledge of bone graft and guided tissue barrier materials that can be applied to most of the everyday bone grafting opportunities. The appropriate uses of bone grafting materials and a logical approach to mixing and matching bone products with barriers in both socket preservation and ridge augmentation cases will be discussed.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:

· Basic ridge augmentation to enhance restorative success

· Keys to successful socket grafting

· The use of different bone-grafting materials including growth factors

· Choosing a bone graft material GBR barrier

· Tissue sculpting for creating emergence profile


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