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Bridging the Knowing and Doing Gap: A Restoratively driven Path to Endodontic Excellence

September 28, 2019
The University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC (Meeting room location TBA)

This course focuses on the extension of the tooth life cycle. Dentists will learn how to efficiently complete endodontic therapy and immediately preserve long-term success of the tooth via current restorative trends and techniques. The goal of this course is to reinforce the value of combining Endo/Resto. The morning lecture is open to all, the afternoon hands-on will be limited to workshop size in the clinic.
Please make sure to bring three thoroughly accessed, mature, extracted teeth (do not place in plaster).
Course Objectives:
1. Diagnose and treatment plan Endo/Resto procedures with confidence
2. Explain why single visit Endo/Resto is preferred and when it is not an option
3. Review how to access and preserve dentin
4. Review current trends in instrumentation utilizing the most advanced file
5. Discuss irrigation and the importance of removal of infection-causing bacteria
6. Discuss the pros & cons of sealers and obturation techniques
7. Provide clear guidelines for choosing between direct vs. indirect restoration


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