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Bulk Fill Posterior Resin Composite Restorations Made Easy with Dr. Marcos Vargas

December 02, 2020

Are posterior composites taking too long to place? Not getting nice, predictable proximal contacts and contours? Are you having problems with establishing a good gingival seal? Are you disappointed with the overall result of your posterior composite restorations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this presentation is for you. This Live Demonstration Webinar will guide you, step-by-step, through the restoration of adjacent Class II restorations, providing the knowledge to select the proper matrix, wedge and ring to use. In addition, by providing you with the critical information on bulk fill, flowable and conventional composite materials, you will gain the knowledge to maximize your technique efficiency while improving the predictability and profitability of your posterior composite restorations.

Back to back Class II composite restorations



Who Should Attend This Webinar:
This program is best suited for all Dentists, regardless of their level of experience, as well as Restorative Hygienists who wish to achieve better, faster, and efficient dentistry with today’s modern materials. Dental Assistants would benefit in that it would help them develop a work flow with their Dentist to make dental life less stressful in the operatory.

Learning Objectives
Understand Bulk Fill restorative composites and how to use them.
Learn cavity preparation to facilitate placement and prevent white lines.
Deal with deep and extensive carious lesions.
Contour and polish posterior composites restorations with speed and predictability


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