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Comprehensive Online Advanced Principles For Implantology (PART A)

February 11, 2021

Scientific research and technological progress have contributed to advancements in clinical procedures for implantology. As a result, dentists are able to regenerate the biological foundation for accurate implant placement and provide immediate same day provisionalization and occlusal loading. Considering this, the patients and dental practitioners can benefit from improved success rates with predictable clinical prognosis and outcomes.

This advanced course is designed for experienced dentists in the field of implantology who are ready to elevate to the next learning level.

Advanced implantology concepts:

  • Digital solutions for diagnostics, CBCT interactive software implant and grafting planning, CAD/ CAM applications in implantology
  • Immediate anterior implant placements with provisionalization and loading
  • Immediate posterior implant placements
  • Surgical atraumatic flapless extractions of the non-restorable tooth
  • Indirect sinus grafting with simultaneous implant placements
  • Direct or lateral window sinus grafting with staged implant placements
  • Management of complications for indirect/ direct sinus grafting
  • Horizontal augmentations utilizing guided bone regenerations, ridge splitting and autogenous block grafting techniques
  • Advanced soft tissue management and grafting protocols
  • Applications of platelet rich fibrin and platelet rich plasma (PRF/ PRP) for augmentation
  • Management of complications in implantology; treatment options for peri-implantitis, retrieval of fractured implant prosthetic screws, removal of failed implants and management options for re-treatment protocols
  • Review of implant occlusion for various implant prosthesis
  • Management of parafunctional habits
  • Introduction of immediate full arch implant retained with immediate loading concepts (Teeth In A Day)


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