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Crown & Bridge: From Preparation to Completion

October 15 - December 03, 2022

Seminar Topic: Crown & Bridge: From Reparation to Completion

Speaker: Dr. Izchak Barzilay

Course Description:

This blended learning course explores the art of replacing missing teeth with a conservative and relatively permanent approach, efficiently and more predictably. Considerations that must be considered before designing and placing a crown and bridge prosthesis are discussed. The course is delivered over three online modules and one in-person, full-day session.

Module 1 – Introduction

In this module, we review diagnostics, treatment planning, collection of records, proper consent for treatment, and certain material choices and bridge design and styles that should be discussed early on with patients.  Learning objectives include:

  1. Recognize the correct sequence of data collection for proper planning.
  2. Define the proper biological and mechanical principles in crown and bridge.
  3. Illustrate what decision(s) need to be made before you ever pick up a drill.

Module 2 – Preparation and Temporization, Tissue Management, and Impressions. 

In this module, impressions, both analogue and digital, are discussed.  Proper collection of records at this stage is discussed together with laboratory scripts. Paperwork and record keeping will be reviewed.  Learning objectives include:

  1. Identify the armamentarium for tooth preparation and how to create proper temporization to minimize discomfort.
  2. List the different types of impression materials and their uses together with digital methods.
  3. Demonstrate the correct sequence of clinical procedures to equip the lab with the information it needs to fabricate the restoration.

Module 3 – Lab Procedures

This module focuses on try in, delivery of restorations, cementation and choices in cement and follow up and maintenance.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Explain proper laboratory procedures and how they affect the final product.
  2. Implement delivery methods and cementation protocols.
  3. Explore how to keep restorations viable over a long period of time.

In-person Hands-on Session – This full-day program includes post and cores, impression of post spaces, temporization, and preparation of teeth.  Hands-on retraction using various materials will be demonstrated as well as methods to fit restorations and cement them.  Participants need to bring their loupes.  Proper equipment and material will be provided.

Audience: Dentists

Cancellation Policy (subject to change)

Registrants may cancel before 10 am EST, 7 calendar days prior to the course to receive a full refund. While no refunds will be given after the cancellation deadline, fees can be applied toward any future course offering. Please contact info@dcinstitute.ca

Clinical training provided by guest speakers reflects their own view and not necessarily those of DC Institute.

Space is limited and registration is available on a first come, first serve basis.


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