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Dealing with Financial Uncertainty During COVID-19

June 25 - June 30, 2020

A can’t-miss candid discussion with Kurt Rosentreter, CPA, CA about your financial worries during this crisis – including strategies to cope today and then how to plan for the future once we are back to the “new normal”.

In this fast-paced, hard hitting session Kurt will cover the following topics, questions and more:

Immediate Concerns

  • Cash flow management for a month or for six months
    • Dealing with big costs you cannot avoid paying now
    • Three rules: defer, debt or dip….
    • The B word (budget)
    • Vehicle leases and loans
  • Personal Insurance: life, disability, critical illness policies and COVID-19
  • Business insurance: office overhead, business interruption and COVID-19
  • Wills, POA and estate planning
  • Pending real estate transactions
  • Income taxes – due dates and installments for you and corporations
  • Elderly parents financial planning
  • Children’s financial planning & RESPs
  • Tax Free Savings Account and your emergency safety yet
  • Stress testing your RRSPs and long-term investment portfolio for more carnage to come.
  • Divorce support payments clause

And more.


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