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Digital Dentistry in Contemporary Prosthodontics: Is it Practical?

April 05, 2019
Calgary, AB (Venue TBD)

Course Description:

Digital technology has had a dramatic impact on all disciplines of dentistry, particularly in the fields of prosthodontics and surgery. The evolution of digital technologies has provided dental professionals with the possibility of following a completely digital workflow, beginning from diagnostic treatment planning to prosthesis fabrication. Clinical data acquisition using intraoral scanners has bridged the digital gap between the clinical practice and the dental laboratory. While these latest digital tools offer new and different workflows compared to conventional techniques, it is imperative that clinical efficiency and restoration accuracy are not compromised. This presentation will provide a practical and pragmatic overview of the digital tools and technologies used in a modern prosthodontic practice. The use of intraoral scanners and the workflow required for simple reconstructions to comprehensive full arch rehabilitations will be presented, in both conventional and implant-based applications. Some of the challenges, limitations and inefficiencies encountered utilizing new technologies will be described.

Audience: Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants

Key Learning Objectives:

– The utilization of digital technology in implant surgery and prosthodontics
– The use of intraoral scanners with conventional crown and bridgework and implant dentistry
– The accuracy, benefits and limitations of intraoral scanners
– Overview of the digital workflow required in comprehensive fixed reconstructions


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