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Digital Procedures in Fixed and Removable Prosthetics

May 26, 2020

Speakers: August BrugueraDr Alessio CasucciAlessandro Ielasi

August Bruguera

We have been saying for years that digital dentistry is here to stay – there is no doubt about that. I think we will agree that we all are immersed in it today. We use digital workflows in our lab on a daily basis. The road to digital dentistry is not an easy one and even today, we still have many gaps to fill. In my lecture, I will illustrate my personal journey into the digital world, share with you the critical topics from my perspective and show how to overcome them in order to enjoy being a dental technician in the digital era.

Dr. Alessio Casucci and Alessandro Ielasi

Tooth loss remains one of the health conditions that most affect the quality of life of patients. Rehabilitation of tooth loss with conventional complete dentures (CD) is still a frequently used and predictable treatment approach. Moreover, knowledge about complete dentures is also essential in the planning of implant supported or implant retained prostheses. The recent advancements in digital technology have led to the use of CAD/CAM systems for the design and manufacture of complete dentures. The digital approach using materials with improved properties can simplify the clinical protocols in comparison with conventional ones. The aim of this lecture is to share with the participants our experience in transitioning to the digital denture workflow, to evaluate chairside and laboratory times and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach compared to the conventional procedure. The treatment outcomes will also be assessed in terms of retention, adaptation and clinical satisfaction.


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