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Eliminating Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing!

November 04, 2022

The learning objectives are:

  • Describe the evolution of the CDA & CDHA fee guide.
  • Identify the modus operandi of consortium vs. non-consortium province.
  • Explain the dental & dental hygiene colleges’ perspective on hygiene billing.
  • Analyze the difference between a service procedure vs. a time-based service.
  • Select appropriate hygiene billings for treatment rendered.
  • Apply Systems & Processes to ensure appropriate fees for service.

Course Description:

The number one ethical dilemma in most practices is regarding RDH Billing. Also, it is the number one call, hygiene colleges receive from their registrants. 

In the “Eliminating the Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing” Workshop we explore the evolution of the CDA & CDHA fee guides, understand how it pertains to RDH’s working in a traditional dental practice vs. independent RDH practice, learn the provincial differences in interpretation and how it relates to billing appropriately. 


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