Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Everyday Dental Pearls In Aesthetic Dentistry

September 23, 2016
CENTRE MONT-ROYAL 2200 Mansfield St. | Montreal, QC

The say that if you gain “one pearl of wisdom” from a lecture, it is worth your time. Well, what if you had the opportunity to collect a full strand of pearls in just a single presentation? This course is designed to do precisely that, by revealing pearl after pearl of insights directly related to the everyday of dental practice. During this talk, you will discover easy step-by-step systems for making both simple and complex aesthetic dentistry more predictable. Dr. Bruce will also share with you some of the key items that he considers a must-have in his practice. By the end of the course, you will accumulate a collection of gems and findings on how to provide your patients with the best possible
treatments and how to become most efficient in the practice.
• The most predictable occlusal starting point
• 3 steps to delivering exceptional aesthetics with any case
• A simple and effective way to do facial analysis
• How and when to treat the gummy smiles
• The proper position and proportion of maxillary anterior teeth
• The “Functional Smile Design Check List”
• What materials will give you everyday predictability
• How to use specific guides for designing an anterior case
• How to organize functional and aesthetic cases


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