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September 14, 2017
P.A.C.E. - Prosthodontic Associates Centre for Excellence 901-2300 Yonge St. | Toronto, ON

The treatment of midline diastemas, peg laterals and the nearly impossible black triangles can be both frustrating and time consuming. How do you create tight interproximal contacts that are not polished away? How can you create a natural emergence profile? How do you build your composite to support and aid in the regeneration of the papilla? And last but not least, how can you fill those dreaded black triangles without porcelain veneers?

The esthetic treatment option is here!
Learn how to choose, place and use an anterior anatomically correct mylar matrix system. Anatomic matrices are one of the only significant advancements in anterior composite dentistry in years. The technique is quick, easy, effective and predictable once you learn the proper steps. Those who have tried these systems without training are often met with frustration. Eliminate the frustration and start having fun. In addition we will look at the esthetic and long lasting Class V restoration.

• What is cervical curvature and how to replicate it
• How to choose the correct matrix
• How to create a natural emergence profile to support the papilla
• How to restore diastemas, peg laterals and black triangles
• How to achieve an out of this world polish

• Mid-line diastema closure • Peg lateral • Black triangle • Class III •
Class V


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