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**FREE** Teach Me to Be a Laser Dentist: A Crash Course on Diode Lasers and Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Ron Kaminer

March 12, 2021
From the comfort & safety of your own home or office!

March 12, 2021
2:00-3:00pm EST

Don’t be intimidated! Diode lasers are a great adjunct for direct and indirect restorative dentistry. In this Live Demonstration Webinar, join us as we simplify laser science, and show you a variety of situations where using a diode laser helps improve the final outcome. A step-by-step approach for complicated Class II restorations and a simplified approach to crown and bridge impressions and scans will leave you energized and ready to incorporate lasers into your practice.

Live Technique Demonstration:
We will demonstrate how laser energy interacts in a laboratory setting but relate it to how it will react in the mouth!

Who Should Attend:
Doctors who wish to incorporate diode lasers in their practice.

Learning Objectives:
Two important aspects of laser science that influence every procedure:
The complicated Class II – Tissue management, perfect contacts, and a beautiful outcome;
Diode lasers in crown and bridge – From impression to insert;
As a bonus, we will also share a simplified approach to polishing zirconia crowns.


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