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Grand Japan Cruise on Windstar: Medical/Dental Advances in Japan

April 06 - April 16, 2019
10-Night Cruise Aboard Windstar Cruises Star Legend, Osaka to Tokyo

Grand Japan Cruise on Windstar Star Legend

Join PES to discover the tranquil beauty of Japan, from ancient temples to modern skyscrapers, on an unforgettable 10-night cruise during the height of the spring cherry blossom season.

Cruise Itinerary Highlights:
Experience the majestic views of Mount Fuji in Shimizu
See Tokyo, a city brimming with both ancient and modern culture, where futuristic skyscrapers tower over traditional markets
Observe the Peace Memorial Parks of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Visit Kagoshima, known as the “Naples of the Eastern World” for its warm climate, bay location, and active volcano, Mt. Sakurajima
In Shingu, a small coastal city, visit two ancient and sacred shrines, both designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Travel to Busan, South Korea, a modern city known for its popular beaches, natural hot springs, and ancient Buddhist temples

Your Windstar Voyage Includes:
Open-seating dining featuring fresh locally sourced ingredients, specialty dining under the stars, and 24-hour room service
All non-alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks, juices, specialty coffee, tea, bottled water, and other specialty non-alcoholic drinks, with an option to add a wine and spirit package
Complimentary onboard entertainment, including local performances, a watersports platform, and cooking demonstrations
Ample leisure areas with a relaxed and casual ambiance, full service spa, fitness center, library, casino, outside Star Bar, hot tubs and swimming pool

Medical/Dental Advances in Japan
CME/CE Lecture Seminars for Medical, Dental, Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals
This Seminar is planned for 14 Continuing Education Credit Hours.

CME/CE Professional Seminar Fee: $695
Seminar Attendance Fee: $450

CME/CE credits, Certificates of Completion and possible tax deductible guidelines will be provided for registered Professional Seminar attendees Certificates of Attendance will be provided for ALL registered seminar participants.

Seminar Overview/Statement of Purpose:
Healthcare practitioners are currently faced with the challenges of both treating and preventing the ever-increasing incidence of chronic diseases in the US population. In addition, the need to adapt best practice models in the context of emerging healthcare reforms impacting patient care delivery and access to care is an important issue for all healthcare practitioners to address.

For the last 20 years, Japan has been ranked number one in the world in both life expectancy and healthy lifestyles, but Japan should not be complacent simply because of its high life expectancy. Japan’s healthcare system is fundamentally a system of universal health insurance coverage. Japanese citizens belong to the national health insurance, workplace-based health insurance, or government-managed health insurance system. It is a free-access system with no gatekeepers that allows people to be examined and treated at the medical institutions of their choice, regardless of their symptoms.

We explore these challenges with in-country professionals and provide opportunities for practitioners to enhance healthcare delivery models and best practices to prevent and control disease in cross-cultural environments.

Planned In Country Healthcare Topics Include:
Healthcare System and Medical Advances in Japan
Travel Medicine: Information of Value for Travelers and their Caregivers
Overview of Recent Men and Women’s Health Concerns
Overview of Recent Updates in General Medicine / Primary Care
Dental Healthcare Updates: Delivery & Treatment
Top Medical/Disease Issues: Challenges & Conquests
Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry: Smiles For Tomorrow

PES Seminar Host Donald E. Stillwagon, MD, FP:
Dr. Donald E. Stillwagon is a graduate of Rutgers University and earned his MD at State University of New York Downstate Medical School. He completed his residency in family medicine at the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. He founded Panther Creek Medical Center (the first of The Village Medical Centers) in 1985, now staffed with eleven physicians, all in Primary Care (Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine), providing a broad range of health care services. Dr. Stillwagon is a former chair of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians’ Commission on Continuing Medical Education, and former treasurer of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and now a physician member of the Gulf Coast Privia Medical Group.

PES Distinguished Speaker Dorthe Hartmann, DDS:
Dr. Dorthe Hartmann attended Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark. She completed her pediatric dental residency at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hartmann chose pediatrics as a specialty because she has always enjoyed children and combining work with fun is ideal. She truly enjoys the personal interaction with all her patients and their parents.

Planned In-Country Medical Visit Hiroshima Hiramatsu Hospital:
Hiroshima Hiramatsu Hospital is a general hospital in Hiroshima, Japan offering a wide array of medical services. The hospital has 161 beds and departments include orthopedic, plastic, gastroenterological, endoscopic, respiratory, neurosurgery and general surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine, rheumatism, rehabilitation, radiology, and oral surgery.

Learning Objectives:
Keep abreast of rapid expansion of medical knowledge and current best practice models on multiple topics to facilitate change and thus provide continually excellent patient care.

By design, this program permits medical experts to collaborate with colleagues and international counterparts to realize cross cultural view points and updates within the treatment and prevention of disease and offers opportunities to compare and contrast current best practices to supply quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting


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