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Hands-OnLine LIVE presents Restoring the Discolored Central Incisor | Instructor: Dr. Bob Margeas | Course Code: BM103

August 25, 2021
From the comfort and safety of your OWN OPERATORY.

August 25, 2021
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Treating a single central is one of the most difficult procedures that a dentist has to do. Even more difficult is the discoloured central due to endodontics, trauma, or tetracycline staining. This hands-on course will teach you how to use opaquers to raise the value of the tooth, without creating too bright of a tooth. You will also learn the use of tints to create incisal translucency. These techniques can be incorporated immediately into your practice for profitability.

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives
How much tooth preparation is necessary for each shade change
How to opaque a dark tooth for ideal esthetics
How to increase value
How to place composite layers to match adjacent teeth
How to create surface texture to mimic natural teeth

Who Should Attend This Course:
General Esthetic Dentists, RRDH (Dental Hygienists with a designation to perform Restorative procedures)

Course Technique Kit:
Anterior Six Tooth Esthetic model; Matrix Impression Material; Dental Adhesive; Universal Restorative Composite (various shades); Tint; Opaquer; Composite blending resin; Diamond Bur F8888; Composite Brush (2 shapes); Composite Instrument; All Surface Access Polishers; Diamond Polishing Brush; Mandrel; Finishing and Polishing Discs; Polishing Paste; Impression mixing tips; Dappen Dish; Microbrush; Mylar Strips.

Hands-On technique kit for the Discolored Central Incisor Hands-OnLine LIVE course with Dr. Margeas. Included in tuition.

Required Materials (not included):
Each participant should have the following items available for the course: Impression Gun (1:1 DS 50), Compule Dispenser, Explorer, High-Speed Handpiece, Slow Speed Handpiece, Air/Water Syringe, Curing Light, Gauze, Alcohol, Pencil, Loupes, Scissors.

Hands-OnLine Technique Kits will be sent the day after registration closes.


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