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How to Manage Extractions with Restorative Plan in Mind

June 17, 2022

Seminar Topic: How to Manage Extractions with Restorative Plan in Mind

Speaker: Dr. Michael Glogauer

Course Description:

Management of the extraction socket procedure can be challenging, especially in the aesthetic zone. Proper diagnosis and treatment planning is necessary to ensure that the final restorative outcome, such as fixed partial denture or implant supported crown, is stable and predictable.

Participants in this session will learn hands-on knowledge and techniques to do minimally traumatic extractions to minimize soft and hard tissue shrinkage in order to attain an ideal aesthetic outcome. They will practice important techniques for minimally invasive tooth extraction plus preparing and placing biomaterials to achieve optimal ridge preservation.

Audience: Dentists

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Incorporate minimally traumatic techniques for dental extractions
  • Learn how to manage and avoid complications
  • Review instruments and tools for dental extractions
  • Review the healing sequence of bone after tooth extraction
  • Understand the advantages of ridge preservation

Materials provided in course kit (shipped to participants):

  1. Mucograft Seal 8mm (non-sterile sample)
  2. Bio oss Collagen 100mg (non-sterile sample)
  3. A soft tissue model
  4. Dappen dish

It is recommended that participants also come prepared with:

  1. Needle holder
  2. Scalpel (#15 blade)
  3. Surgical tweezers
  4. Fine periosteal elevator
  5. Scissors
  6. Periodontal probe
  7. Suture (4-0 PFTE)
  8. Syringe (10ml, without needle)
  9. Water
  10. Gauze


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