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The Magic, Beauty, And Predictabity of Composite Resins

November 10, 2017
The Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa- Kenata 101 Kanata Ave, Kanata, ON

Dr. Hal Stewart will discuss how to utilize composite resin veneers, discussing both direct and prefabricated resin veneer techniques. Composite resin veneers provide a beautiful and economically appealing alternative to porcelain. They are predictable, minimally invasive, affordable for the patient yet profitable, and enjoyable for the dentist. The results are amazing!
•Simple, yet predictable techniques to successfully place anterior and posterior composites
•A simple technique using a handful of composites that will allow for the successful, functional, and esthetic restoration of anterior teeth
•A quick, simple, yet beautiful direct composite veneer system
•Proper placement and curing techniques for composite resins
•Tissue management: a key to long-lasting restorations
•Building your office whitening program as an adjunct to composite resin restorations


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