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Management of Alveolar Ridge Deficiencies: Graft and Graft-less Options

July 08, 2020

Ridge atrophy is a natural consequence of tooth loss. Management of deficient alveolar ridges is a common challenge in implant dentistry. This lecture will focus on modern treatment options for management of sloped alveolar ridges, aimed to maximize tissue quality at the implant interface with the oral cavity, for creation of a stronger biologic seal, more resistant to peri-implantitis. The importance of implant design, graft material selection and application will be reviewed and discussed.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:
– The importance of alveolar ridge preservation procedures
– The importance of graft material selection for stable outcomes
– How graft material selection may affect implant success
– Contemporary surgical techniques to maximize outcomes
– The advantages of anatomic dental implants


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