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Mastering the Class II Restoration | Dr. Marc Geissberger

June 28, 2022
In Your Practice

Virtual Hands-OnLine LIVE program with Technique Kit included to keep.

The pursuit of the Class II restoration that mimics the natural tooth in proper form and function remains elusive for many dentists. Post-op sensitivity and loose contacts are generally at the top of the list of these challenges. However, the ability to establish the ideal natural occlusal and marginal ridge anatomy is often overlooked. Most dentists initially establish the occlusal anatomy prior to light curing then spend precious chair time refining it with a high speed bur, making it difficult to replicate the natural tooth and optimal occlusal contacts.

Through this course, participants will be guided through the technique of producing predictable, beautiful life-like Class II restorations mimicking the natural tooth in every way. In addition to demonstrating how to achieve zero post-op sensitivity and natural proximal contacts every time, this restorative technique produces ideal occlusal anatomy and contacts prior to final light curing!


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