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Mechanical Management of Biofilm – Are We at a Tipping Point?

November 02, 2019
University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC (Meeting & Workshop Room TBA)

The underworld of subgingival biofilm can be a formidable environment for clinicians. Traditionally, the battle against biofilm communities thriving subgingivally has been fought with a blend of hand and power-driven instruments. In the last few years in North America and for over 10 years in Europe, indications for the use of air-pressured mechanical biofilm disruption technology with the use of low abrasive-based powders for both supragingival and subgingival biofilm has been developed. This evidence-informed review will explore the Airflow® mechanism and its clinical application for biofilm management for teeth and implants.

1. Understand the concepts of “polishing”
2. Examine the clinical evidence surrounding subgingival Airflow®
3. Integrate the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol in the dental office


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