Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Medical & Dental Health History Workshops

February 03 - February 17, 2023

Course Description: Collecting a complete medical & dental health history allows the clinician to assess a client’s level of oral and systemic wellness. The health history, in conjunction with the physical exam, provides the foundation for clinical decision making, supporting both the dental and dental hygiene diagnosis. It identifies key risk factors and existing health conditions that may affect dental care requiring treatment modifications before, during, or after care, and influencing clinical outcomes such as healing, predisposition to infection or oral disease progression.

The learning objectives are:

  • Indicate the purpose of a comprehensive medical/dental health history.
  • Evaluate personal information and the impact on patient care.
  • Appraise patient’s compliance on accepting treatment. 
  • Assess when consultation & collaboration with other healthcare professionals is needed.
  • Analyze implications of client health status on all facets of the process of care (ADPIE), especially patient outcomes. 
  • Evaluate the impact predisposing factors (Acquired & Development Conditions) have on diagnosis.
  • Evaluate the impact modifying factors (Risk Factors) have on progression of periodontal disease.
  • Analyze predisposing and modify factors to accurately determine prognosis.


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