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Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office (Are You Ready?) with Dr. Peter Nkansah

November 18, 2021

Speaker: Peter Nkansah, BSc (Hon), DDS, MSc, Dip Anes, FADSA, Cert. Specialist in Dental Anesthesia
Tuition: $149.00 | Category 1 | 9:00 am — 4:00 pm | Zoom Webinar

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, even in the dental office. As healthcare professionals, we owe it to our patients to be prepared to keep our patients as safe as possible. When a medical emergency arises, we still owe our patients proper care. This full-day seminar will review the more common and the more dangerous emergencies that we might face. We will review office set-ups as well as treatment steps (including emergency drugs) and strategies to make your team more competent and more comfortable.


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