Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Minimally Invasive Periodontics & Implants – Implementing Laser Technology

October 26, 2019
The University of British Columbia Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) 2194 Health Sciences Mall Meeting Room TBA

Dentistry has not advantaged itself to laser technology to the same extent as our medical colleagues have for surgical, interventional or preventive therapies. Simply put, physicians can use one laser wavelength for a procedure while the oral cavity has 5 surfaces (enamel, dentin, soft tissue, bone and now implants) we need to treat. The “all tissue laser” designed for dentistry satisfies our need to treat all 5 surfaces. The participant will get an evidenced based understanding of marketed lasers with their advantages and disadvantages; clarifying from corporate rhetoric and marketing with anecdotal clinical results. The erbium laser is the “dentist’s” laser facilitating the most minimally invasive delivery of restorative and surgical treatment compared to any blade, drill, piezo or surgical elevators, benefitting the patient emotionally and clinically.


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