Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Morphology of Anterior Teeth (Module 1)

May 19, 2020

This 1st episode is dedicated to the morphology of the teeth belonging to the anterior group: central incisor, lateral and canine, where the shape is closely interconnected with function.

At first we will debate the external lines of the shape and it`s types, both in educational wax and in grey wax. After building the biomimetic of the front group both in wax and ceramics, I will explain the Rational-Mathematical processing technique, a technique developed with more than 12 years ago, a technique that takes us always to a predictable result in a system built on bi-lateral symmetry. A big part of the presentation will be focused on studying of the primary and secondary transitional lines, of contact lines, taking us to the realization of the maximum convexity of the proximal aspects. The color characterization technique is done in 2 steps and is a simple and accessible technique that provides amazing results. Finally we will reflect on some types of textures: macro- and micro-texture.


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