Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

One-Day Intense Endodontics

June 15, 2019
Regina, SK (Venue TBD)

This course addresses breakthrough concepts and details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise and confidence to perform the highest quality endodontics. As a participant in our program, you will become familiar with the use of the “apex last” approach to canal shaping with nickel-titanium instrumentation using Rotary and Reciprocation NiTi Systems. Choose whether you want to shape your canals using Continuous Rotation or Reciprocation. The end result is increased resistance to cyclic fatigue with more confidence in your hands.

Also to be discussed will be predictable irrigation protocols using Passive Sonic Irrigation and Apical Negative Pressure. Vertical condensation of thermo-softened gutta percha using The Continuous Wave of vertical condensation and Gutta Core thermosoftened carriers will also be discussed.

During this exciting fast paced presentation the attendee will receive Hands On experience in a workshop environment.

Key Learning Objectives:

– Endodontic Breakthroughs and Concepts allowing the enjoyment of successful endodontic treatment to last a Lifetime.
– Assess the criteria for a successful endodontic procedure
– Accurately locate the apical constriction, and troubleshooting tips.
– Shape the root canal space using NiTi technology in a safe and efficient manner.
– Remove the Smear layer and Biofilm using state of the art Irrigation Protocols
– Obturate the root canal system in 3-D utilizing the Continuous Wave of Condensation


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