Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Orthodontic Retention and Stability: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

February 08, 2019
Toronto, ON (Venue TBD)

Course Description:

The three major goals of orthodontic treatment are ideal function, ideal aesthetics, and stability of results. The challenge of retaining orthodontic results and ensuring long term stability remains the biggest challenge to every dentist and orthodontist. This lecture will provide the practitioner with evidence-based clinical information used to inform clinical decisions during treatment planning and retention. This evidence-based lecture will be on both short-term and long-term orthodontic treatment stability.

Audience: Dentists and Specialists*

Key Learning Objectives:

– Treatment and retention design, with long-term stability in mind
– Development of treatment plan that allows for reorganization of the gingival and periodontal tissues
– Treatment to minimize changes due to growth and permit neuromuscular adaptation to the corrected tooth position
– How to maintain teeth in unstable positions (sometimes necessary due to compromise or aesthetics)

* Please note that Invisalign® Fundamentals is a prerequisite to this course. You must have previously completed Invisalign® Fundamentals to attend this session.


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