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Picking Up the Pieces; What to do When the Unthinkable Happens

August 19, 2020

I’d like to invite you to Prosperident’s next webinar that takes place next Wendesday, August 19.

What if you woke up tomorrow with that sinking feeling that a member of your team was embezzling? A lot of things will run through your mind, and you will quickly realize that you have a huge advantage because you have prepared for this situation.

In this month’s webinar, we will cover what happens once embezzlement is suspected or confirmed in your practice. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to maximize financial recovers
  • When to involve the police
  • How to cut YEARS off the time to bring this person to justice
  • How to maximize the chance a thief will confess
  • Avoiding the “settlement trap” that can get you in big trouble when trying to get your money back.

The time for this webinar is 8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific) on Wednesday, August 19.

My co-hosts Amber Weber, Wendy Askins and will be drawing on our decades of collective experience to give you an inside peek into the justice system and how to get the best outcome when you are a victim.

Here is the registration link for next Wednesday:


As always, we will be sending out an email reminder in the morning of the webinar, and texting you about an hour before the webinar starts. Also, we always play some interesting pre-show content that starts 30 minutes before the webinar starts for those who tune in a bit early.

If you can’t attend the live presentation, we encourage you to register anyway to ensure access to the webinar recording and bonus materials.

As always, thanks to our friend at Altura Periodontics in Denver, we are pleased to offer PACE CE credit to attendess.

Thanks, and Amber, Wendy and I look forward to having you in our audience for this fascinating topic on August 19!


David Harris


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