Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Post Endo Restorative with Mr Gregg Tousignant

December 06, 2018
THE WHITBY YACHT CLUB 701 Gordon Street | Whitby, ON

Evening Hands-on:
The attendee will learn how to make a choice as to the system that will enhance clinical predictability when a post and core is necessary for added retention.
The evolution of the use of posts in dentistry
• The modern day decision tree—when should posts be used
• The evolution of fiber post technology and systems
• Fiber posts— they are not all the same!
• Manufacturing standards of fiber posts
• The selection of the appropriate post
• The secret to clinical success—the necessary adjunctive aids to treat the canal properly and the technique to minimize air bubbles and achieve maximum bond strength of the post and core
• Do you need to use a post cement and then a core material or can you do it all at once?
• So you want to put a round post into an oval canal


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