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Practical Pearls For Profitable & Predictable Everyday Dentistry with Dr Dennis Marangos

November 30, 2018
RUBY FOO’S HOTEL 7655 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC

As dentists, we are constantly faced with a barrage of new materials,
diagnostic instruments and ideas that will “revolutionize” our dental
lives. But how can we be sure of the claims from all the manufacturers?
Dr. Marangos will guide you through some of the material choices we have today in Dentistry using predictable diagnostic protocols to ensure the correct material for a particular treatment which is specific to a patient’s needs are used. Topics will include everything from the New Patient Exam, to diagnosis of the functional (occlusion, TMD, Sleep Apnea and Bruxism), biomechanical (adhesive restorations, direct vs indirect options, impression materials and techniques), aesthetic (smile design considerations and materials), and periodontal implications of our proposed treatment plan.

The program is best suited for every Dentist, regardless of their level of
experience, as well as Restorative Hygienists who wish to do better, faster, more effective and efficient dentistry with today’s modern materials. Dental Assistants would benefit in that it would help them develop a work flow with their Dentists to make dental life less stressful in the operatory.


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