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Problem Solving In Endodontics Including A Fiber Post Hands-On -Dr Manfred Friedman

October 26, 2018
SHAW CONFERENCE CENTRE 9797 Jasper Avenue | Edmonton, AB

Having attended the course the practitioner will be able to apply algorithms to assist him/her to resolve various problems encountered on a daily basis. In particular different endodontic cases will be discussed highlighting the problems. The attendees will learn how to make a choice as to the system that will enhance clinical predictability when a post and core is necessary for added retention.
It will give the attendees more treatment options when faced with some unusual problems. Post systems and the proper technique for etching, bonding, and cementing fiber posts will be presented during the hands-on portion which will enhance retention, decrease root fracture, and
allow for retrievability if needed.
Anesthetizing the hot tooth
• Locating and negotiating the second canals in lower incisors, lower pre-molars and mesio-buccal root of the upper first molar tooth
• The “C” shaped canal – Negotiating the canal and establishing a glide path for rotary instruments
– Shaping and cleaning the calcified canal
• Dealing with young permanent teeth with open apices
• Separated instruments – prevention and treatment
• Tips and tricks for rubber dam isolation

Topics To Be Covered – Hands-On
• The evolution of the use of posts in dentistry
• The modern day decision tree – when should posts be used
• The evolution of fiber post technology and systems
• Fiber posts – they are not all the same!
• The selection of the appropriate post
• The secret to clinical success – the necessary adjunctive aids to treat the canal properly and a simple step-by-step technique to minimize
air bubbles and achieve maximum bond strength of the post and core
• Do you need to use a post cement and then a core material or can you do it all at once?


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