Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Restorative Design

April 21 - April 23, 2016
Spear Campus, 7201 E Princess Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States


Preparing teeth – many teeth – is the three-day exercise of the Restorative Design workshop. 28 teeth give you the experience of multiple preps for multiple materials and designs. Crowns, minimal-conventional-and extensive-reduction veneers, veneerlays, inlays, onlays – each has unique requirements. Learn how to know if you should extend your margins to the lingual, place them just facial to the contact or carry them lingual to the contact. Discuss the concepts and DO the preps.

This is the course that you don’t have to take home to start using. It will have IMMEDIATE impact on what you do every day.

– Prep design in the 21st century

– Magnification as a tool in perfecting margins

– Instrumentation that guides successful reduction

– Full coverage preparations

– Partial coverage anterior preparations

– Partial Coverage posterior restorations

– Anterior ceramic materials

– Diagnosing and planning for material success

– Clinical case discussions and examples

– Preps

– LOTS of preps

Participants will learn:

To create preparations based on the outcome desired

How to use a system of preparation that increases efficiency and accuracy

To LOVE what you see on the CAD-CAM screen or in your impression

How to be fluent in the language of materials so you can converse with your technicians

To look forward to seating restorations because they FIT!

Robert Winter, Dr. Spear Education
Gary DeWood, Dr. Spear Education

Fees: $5,495 U.S.
Earn 24 CE credits; Spear is ADA and AGD certified.

For more information, please contact:

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Phone: 480-588-9074
Toll Free: 866-781-0072
Email: brojek@speareducation.com or info@speareducation.com
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