Oral Health Group
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Seamlessly Replacing a Missing Tooth in the Esthetic Zone

October 21 - October 22, 2016
Minneapolis, MN

Restorative dentists typically feel more comfortable with the prosthetic elements of tooth replacement but remain hesitant to manipulate the tissue elements. In order to achieve optimized results when replacing missing teeth with a fixed bridge or implant supported crown, soft tissue alteration via surgery or scaffolding is often necessary. By learning to manage the periodontal/restorative interface, dentists and technicians can predictably move the dentistry they provide from acceptable to exceptional. This course will forever change the way you approach replacing missing teeth, increase predictability and lower stress.

Understand the importance of properly evaluating and managing tissue architecture when replacing a missing tooth in the esthetic zone.

Learn why achieving ideal results is closely dependent on case selection.

Learn the pros and cons of tooth replacement with an implant versus a bridge.

Understand when and how to manage symmetry with restorative enhancement.

Patients continue to place strong emphasis on esthetics when evaluating outcomes, even when faced with the challenging task of replacing a missing tooth in the esthetic zone. This course will help you meet and exceed your patients’ demands for optimal results.


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