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Simple Concepts to Shape and Polish Anterior Composites to Rival Porcelain with Dr. David Chan DC301

November 12, 2020
In the comfort and safety of your OWN OPERATORY!

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives

•Learn simple systematic contouring and polishing techniques to create exceptional anterior composite restorations that can match the best porcelain restorations or the beauty of natural teeth.
•The participants will witness these simple step by step processes demonstrated live on how these amazing results with composite resin can be obtainable by anyone.
•How to predictably create the correct primary anatomy with anterior composites.
•How to predictably create secondary anatomy with anterior composites.
•How to predictably create tertiary anatomy with anterior composites.
•How to predictably achieve a truly amazing polish with anterior composite.

*The Technique Kit is included in each course’s tuition, and you’ll be using all of the contents during the hands-on component of the course. It is yours to keep after the course concludes.


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